n the Day


A lot happens on this day. A lot of moving parts. The culmination of many decisions, many people, and tireless efforts coming to a head in a single 8-12 hour window. It's a full on experience! It's unique and crazy all at the same time. It starts with smiles and crying, but ends with screaming and never before seen dance moves! That's why it's a day not only to remember, but to document.

The way I shoot a wedding is an intuitive thing that I'm constantly exploring. Of course there's a schedule and time carved out for those key shots, but a wedding to me is also about what happens in between those coordinated times. It's the moments you never knew were happening or saw me there for. Often times it feels as if I'm watching a movie unfold in real time; only I have the pleasure of being the director, cinematographer, producer, and assistant to the actors all at once. It's this reason alone as to what pulled me into weddings.

Altogether, I view each wedding as a collaboration with my couples. I don’t see myself as a distant observer or documentarian, focusing only what’s in front of me. I am also capturing how it felt to be there too, to the best of my artistic abilities. My intentions with every wedding is to help create a genuine and intimate space where that can happen - where the people in front of my camera let their guard down and can be themselves even amongst the chaos and anxiety of a wedding day.

At the end of the day it’s a privilege to create images that families will keep forever. Above anything and everything else, I want them to look at their photographs and remember, even decades down the line, the joy and love they felt on that day. I want to create art that matters to many and for years to come. That is simply why I'm here.

"Justin did an incredible job of capturing our family in a different way than any other photographer we have used before, or since. Our family photos were effortless, natural, and perfectly US. He is truly an artist. Justin is easy to talk to and the relationship formed through his photography is really special. We will always cherish the images we have from our session with Justin!"

"Justin is a fantastic professional at the top of his game. He has a beautiful way of putting people at ease. His eye is great; he knows what will make a good picture and can create the right setting. I genuinely have the highest praise and appreciation for all you did for us. You are not just professional and superbly talented. You were fun to work with, never obtrusive, always smiling, and genuinely enjoying the moment with us. Highly recommended!"

"Justin and his team treated us like good friends! They helped make our day amazing. He captured such a variety of beautiful photos throughout the day. We wanted unique and timeless photos - he delivered on that and managed to capture so many meaningful candid moments during the ceremony and reception!

We were truly impressed with experience from the beginning to end, highly recommend!!"

— jESS & William


— Mike & Kara


— Vanessa & Derek


how do we book you?

liability insurance AND/or back up gear?

Pretty simple actually! Just drop me an Email or DM; wherever you found me first. We can chat out the details after you've looked over the good stuff and assuming things are good to go, we can lock it in. All bookings are handled electronically and in order to confirm your date, a retainer (50% of the accepted quote) is to be paid with a signed contract. The remainder is due 8 weeks before the wedding date. You also have the option to pay in full at time of signing if that's easier.

Yes, of course. If your venue requires a certificate of insurance, please let me know so I can arrange it.

As for back up gear, I have plenty of cameras and always carry a backup when I am shooting. This also goes for lenses and lighting gear.

Do you travel for weddings or charge a travel fee?

How many images do you include?

It varies! I'm pretty merciless when it comes to selecting finals for a wedding gallery, but it can range from anywhere between 900 to 1500 images depending on the length of the day and size of the wedding. There isn't an approximate number, I believe whatever makes the final cut is meant to be.

Absolutely! I will provide a quote to you where travel is factored in, and all travel arrangements are booked by myself.

when do we get to see our photos?

The turnaround time depends on how busy I am at the time, travel schedule, backlog, and the holidays. Usually for weddings, it will take up to 4-8 weeks, as I personally hand edit each image that makes it to final delivery. Couples/Engagement shoots will take up to 1-2 weeks. It's all situational, but that's the average.

whow far in advance should weddings/sessions?

Weddings typically book 12-18 months out, and my sessions about 4-6 weeks out! My months typically fully book at least 2 months out for lifestyle sessions, and 12 months out for weddings.

Where can i find your pricing & packages?

Do you only shoot weddings?

how long have you been a photographer?

Excellent question! I have full pricing guides ready to go upon request.

Absolutely not! Weddings are definitely fun and a huge part of what I do, but I also love working in smaller groups/settings just as much. Engagement, maternity, family photos, couples, you name it. I cherish the photos I've created for my own family and friends over the years. It's a blessing to think I can also do that for others as well.

I started my photography journey completely in 2011; but it wasn't until 2016 that I started my business in commercial industry. It was 2021 , that I made the shift to focus on weddings, perfecting my skills and curating a unique wedding experience for each of my couples.

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